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The Social Research Conference Series

The Social Research conference series, initiated in 1988 by Professor Arien Mack, aims to enhance public understanding and influence ongoing debates about current social and political issues and to amplify the public voice of the Social Research journal. Because we present our themes in their broad historical and cultural contexts, speakers at these conferences come from a wide range of disciplines with many different perspectives and kinds of expertise: historians, social scientists, natural scientists, and art historians routinely participate alongside legal theorists, policy makers, and journalists.

Public scholarship includes not only the media, the academy, and political leaders, but all who understand the urgency of an issue and wish to learn more—whether to influence public policy, educate others, or simply be more informed citizens. Therefore, the general public is invited to Social Research conferences to participate in the dialogue on critical and contested issues. The result is a unique atmosphere and a vibrant discussion that reaches beyond the walls of the university.

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