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Tracking Journal Usage
The JDP requests libraries track journal usage to help determine how often journals are used and which journals are of most and least importance to their readers. Libraries are requested to use the Journal Usage Form to send us journal usage statistics every three months. The form may be sent by email to

End of Year report
At the start of each new calendar year, we ask each library to submit a Year End Report. This report provides vital information about how the Project is operating on a library-by- library basis and also helps us to assess the past year of support. ​

Claims for missing issues 

Libraries are requested to send claims for missing issues to the JDP every three months using the claims form. Claims for missing issues that are out of the claims period (more than four months after the date of publication) are not replaced by the publishers.

Change of contact information

Each library is responsible for updating the JDP with any contact information changes. It is our constant contact with the JDP library liaisons that enables us to assess a library's needs and to continue to be informed of any developments in our network libraries.

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